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How to Combine Text and Visuals to Boost Your Social Media

Want to boost the performance of your social media efforts? In a nutshell, you need to find the right blend of text and visuals! For example, we handle social media for our friends at Aqua Terra Bistro, Buford’s finest restaurant. In addition to describing their delicious dishes and special offers, it’s important for us to…


Embracing Your Team’s Extracurricular Talents

As our creative director Bradley so poignantly mentions in our company video featured on our home page, some of the work we do at Mighty 8th that’s just as important as the work we do for our clients is what we do to re-energize and stay sharp creatively. To that end we not only encourage our…


How Drone Cameras are Elevating Video Production

Today we are seeing a new technology take to the skies that is changing the way we view video. Drones or aerial cameras are making headlines for very good reason. These drone cameras have the ability to provide perspectives and angles that otherwise would have been very expensive and difficult to achieve. Perhaps you heard…

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