As 2015 winds down and businesses gear up for a busy and productive new year, it’s an ideal time to get a snapshot of the latest trends that will dictate new directions for the future of marketing.

In this highly informative article in Forbes magazine, marketing expert Daniel Newman shares his vision for the “next big things” that will help any business or marketing agency embrace an innovative approach.

At Mighty 8th Media, we invest heavily in continuing education and researching latest trends & technologies to keep our staff sharp and our clients ahead of the competition.  In recent months, we’ve been diligently planning and budgeting for each client so that we can attack 2016 using a blend of tried-and-true marketing techniques along with these cutting-edge practices that are defining modern marketing.

Here are Daniel Newman’s 10 Top Trends Driving The Future Of Marketing:

1. Mobile is going to become the center of marketing.
From cell phones to smartphones, tablets to wearable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the prime factors influencing the marketing world. As the focus is shifting to smaller screens, brands will be able to strike up a more personalized relationship with their customers by leveraging the power of mobile.

2. Transparency will dictate brand-customer relationships.
Currently, customers are seeking more engagement from brands. This trend will continue with customers becoming more demanding in their expectation of transparency. Genuine brands – the ones that “walk the talk” and create real value – will be rewarded. This means brands that still haven’t made their customer dealings transparent are headed to a future of doom.

3. The need for good content will not slow down. Ever.
Content, particularly visual content, will rule the roost in the online marketing world, evolving into various forms and disrupting the conventional marketing models. Moreover, the speed at which a brand can create amazing content will play a part in their success.

4. User-generated content will be the new hit.
The power of user-generated content will surpass branded content as brands begin to relinquish control of their own brands’ marketing to their customers. From online reviews, to social media posts and blogs, this means there will be a strong need for brands to create a positive impact in their consumers’ minds. In response to this model of content production, content co-creation between brands and consumers will become a popular trend.

5. Social will become the next Internet.
Social will become an integral part of the “broader marketing discipline.” As its impact grows stronger, most brands will fully transition their marketing efforts to social channels. As such, social has the full potential to become not just one of the channels but the channel.

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