We’re thrilled to announce that our client, Impact Cryotherapy — America’s leading cryosauna manufacturer — has made their television debut! On Friday, February 26th, one of their top-performing retail partners pitched the sharks and came away with a $100,000 buy-in from Barbara Corcoran.

The Impact Cryotherapy whole-body cryosauna (commonly called “the big black octagon”) stole the spotlight when shark Robert Herjavec took the plunge on-set. This is big news for our client and their retail partner, and we were tasked with spreading the word.

Here’s a 48-Hour Recap of How We Did
We published a press release via BusinessWire at 8 a.m. on Wednesday March 2nd. As of last Friday we’ve netted:

• 2,836 views from around the world
• 6,516 impressions from subscriber emails
• 932 RSS views
• 281 posts to online news/media sites, with a total of 104.8M unique visitors per month
• 1 fun and ownable tag – #SharksLoveCryo

And, keep an eye out for their upcoming rebrand reveal. We guarantee it’s going to be cool!


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