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The team at Lund International challenged us to create a full-circle plan that would tease, launch and sell their brand new Rampage TrailView Soft Top to Jeep enthusiasts. We developed an SEO, video, and social media strategy that not only delivered — it sold out the inventory ($300K in total) in just one week.

Got your attention? Here’s why it worked:

YouTube is the largest referral source for online videos. By applying meta tags that align to your search strategy, you’re making it easier for the search algorithms to find your content. It makes sense, then, that the more videos you have online the more visible you are to the internet. The better your tags are, the more relevant your content — and your company — becomes.

Video content plays both sides of the strategy: when embedded on-site, the search engines can associate it with your other native content; when hosted off-site (using YouTube, Wistia, etc.) it becomes an amplifier for your brand.

Still not convinced? This full-circle method enabled other Lund retail distributors to get in on the action, helping us reach 847,000 combined campaign views.

And that’s where SEO comes in. Good SEO helps move traffic to your videos, but it doesn’t stop there; it also moves those viewers onto your site and into an action path. For Lund, it was to finally buy the much-anticipated TrailView top. By showing the fundamental differentiators in an engaging, informative video, those customers had their “Why buy?” answer in a matter of seconds.

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