Creative Held back by their dated branding in an industry that is constantly moving forward, we created an iconic, modern brand built around the idea of a hexagon. With engineering at the core of everything they do, the hexagon is often seen in nature as a strong engineering design with its interlocking ability and use in such forms as hives.
Creative The hexagon was brought into the overall brand presence, including print collateral. A palette of colors were generated that, when married together, feels masculine and artistic at the same time. These colors bring together a warmth and friendliness that is representative of the Byteworks team.
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Video We knew there was a great potential to capture the energy and passion of the brilliant team at Byteworks using the power of video. Plus it's the first time we've ever attached a camera to a scooter!
Creative With different business units and services to market, we built icon sets that not only represent those areas but also create an artistic texture when used together.
Creative Bytework's responsive website is a digital representation of their brand, and their blog sees a lot of traffic as they share their thought leadership on technology topics.

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  • Now has the credibility afforded by a solid brand that reflects their capabilities
  • Generated significant revenue outside of existing client base
We were referred to Mighty 8th by a friend, and from the initial meeting with them we found their approach to be genuine and refreshing. Mighty 8th created a professional and consistent brand image that finally allowed us to reach beyond our immediate customer base, having the highly-designed look that is necessary to convey the credibility we had earned, but had struggled to reflect in our marketing collateral.

- James Willard, Partner

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