Creative The ALTA Refrigeration logo needed to be more than just a word mark — it had to serve as a stamp of excellence throughout the industry. For ALTA, it had to be iconic.

With sleek curves inspired by refrigeration piping, forward-reaching points, and a cool and calculated blue, this word mark set the foundation for building the brand presence of a team that is positioned to become "The Kings of Cold".
Voice and Branding There’s a lot of noise and one-upping in the large-scale construction and manufacturing industries. To stand apart, ALTA needed a brand voice that communicated their their values without jargon or fluff. By spotlighting the company’s quality, expertise and accountability with concise and confident language, the team immediately identified with the new tone and implemented it without revision.
Ideas Created in the initial round of logo exploration, the illustrated Yeti became the ultimate mascot for the Kings of Cold. It’s a natural fit, really — the ALTA team has achieved success of mythic proportions with their synthetic-refrigerant line; a solution that some old-timers still can’t believe is possible.

To maintain the mystery, the ALTA Yeti is used sparring. From trade shows to cameos, it leaves a footprint where the team has really worked to make a lasting impact.
Voice and Branding The EXPERT line was developed to be a forward-thinking, eco-conscious, and energy-efficient alternative to traditional ammonia solutions. To differentiate this line as the industry’s leading synthetic-refrigerant units, we relied on hand-drawn typography to create unity with the ALTA logo while spotlighting its “X” factor. Viewed together, the logos create a cohesive and powerful complement; viewed separately, the EXPERT logo sets the tone for an industry-shifting solution.
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Video This sizzle reel was created to showcase the ALTA standard at work. By combining cinematic B-roll with quick-get fact cards and subliminal transitions, we were able to bring the team’s quality, commitment, and pride off the shop floor and onto the screen.

This video also served as a conversation starter about the EXPERT line. Many of the tight shots and fact cards focused on the capabilities and differentiators of these modular cooling systems.
Creative To effectively set ALTA apart in their industry, we also delivered a comprehensive rebuild of their website. This major overhaul began with strategic elimination of duplicate, outdated, and underperforming content. It was then rewritten entirely in the new brand voice, paying close attention to SEO, usability, and tone.

In the design phase, truncated pagination was replaced with a streamlined, modular layout that encourages deeper read-through with clear and actionable links. By reorganizing the global navigation based on audience and points of interest, we highlighted the company’s major skill sets — Design/Build, Engineering, Services, and the EXPERT line — while retaining clear and categorized content buckets to help busy contractors find what they need, fast.

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  • Measurable spike in web traffic due to brand relaunch campaign
  • Positive brand feedback from industry insiders and tradeshow attendees
  • Strong new brand presence created a sense of unity and rallied the internal teams
From the very first meeting with Mighty 8th, I’ve been absolutely blown away with everything their team has produced. Mighty 8th changed the game for us! To me, finding an organization like Mighty 8th is like trying to find “a needle in a haystack”.

- Eric Brown, President | Principal

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