Bell Kitchen and Bath Studios

Creative The Bell logo was inspired by the signature of Mr. William Bell, a second-generation master carpenter and father to the company’s current president, Michael Bell. This refined signature served as the foundation for building the brand presence, highlighting both the namesake of a third-generation operated business and the timeless, handcrafted quality of each and every build.
Creative With their trademark “Southern Modern” aesthetic, the Bell brand is aspirational, transformative and, above all, built for life. Each piece of marketing and collateral is treated as a simple canvas to highlight elements of their stunning kitchens, baths and closets. The brand is unified and identified by clean lines, concise headlines, a modern address format, and a commitment to consistency.
Creative Spurring a dual-phased launch strategy, we designed the new website to first spark desire and then solidify leads. By integrating modern responsive techniques with large, styled photography and subtle animations, the site comes to life with the same sophistication and unique design traits that underscore the Bell brand experience.

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Creative We developed the simple and elegant catalogue-style portfolio with two distinct goals — for users, it provides immediate access to inspiration and an instant indication of the brand’s quality. For the design team, it provides pages of conversation-starters that enable them to truly hone in on the customer’s needs and favorite features.

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Creative We chose to keep the van wraps clean and iconic. This serves as continued payoff of the level of service expected by Bell customers; as a way to identify the installation team while onsite; and to set apart the brand from handyman services common in the remodeling industry.
Creative The letterhead and branded collateral maintain the same refined signature and iconic mark, underscoring the personal nature in which the Bells do business. These paper goods are elevated to a quality, stand-out status by choosing a classic foil and quality card-stock.
Creative By distilling the signature logo into an iconic mark, the Bell “B” provides an instant indication of quality and craftsmanship. Used on both finished pieces as well as uniforms and other identifying platforms, this technique is a revival of the age-old maker’s mark practice that preserves the legacy of Bell.
  • Comprehensive brand overhaul that captures the company’s fusion of craftsman-quality with Southern Modern flair
We have always worked to deliver a superior product, we now have a brand to compliment our company. The team at Mighty 8th has been great at bringing that to life!

- Michael Bell, Owner

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