Sexy digital marketing campaigns—we see them every day in the automotive, travel, fashion, entertainment, and retail tech industries, to name just a few. But what if your brand that doesn’t fit one of these categories, or is one you feel simply isn’t sexy enough to benefit from a full-scale digital marketing campaign?

Don’t be so quick to limit your options. Here’s how we helped one such brand craft an engaging digital campaign to launch a new product line in a not-so-typical way.

The ALTA Challenge

Founded in 1975, ALTA Refrigeration a design/build contractor of scalable, custom refrigeration and cooling systems for industrial and other large facility operations such as office buildings, schools, and entertainment venues.

Already an established leader in the industry, ALTA came to us in 2013 looking for a unique way to launch its EXPERT line of modular rooftop refrigeration products. The system uses synthetic refrigerant to increase cooling efficiency, and limit water consumption, while delivering the same power as conventional systems. Sexy, right?

To add to the challenge, the industrial refrigeration industry is not the typical arena for flashy or aggressive marketing campaigns. Many industrial refrigeration companies rely on insider name recognition and scarcely market themselves outside the facilities management and construction industries. So we were tasked with creating a full-scale campaign that gets people excited about modular rooftop refrigeration units, in a field where such campaigns are rare.

The Mighty 8th Media Solution

For ALTA, we wanted a campaign that would be disruptive to the usually staid nature of advertising in the industrial cooling industry, and decided that humor might be a useful way to “break the ice.” Working closely with the client, we created a brand mascot that would personify ALTA’s cooling efficiency. We decided on a creature resembling the legendary Yeti to give a face to ALTA’s EXPERT line. We then went about creating a series of quick (15 to 20 sec) video spots featuring the Yeti interacting with office staff during a “normal” workday. In one video the Yeti sits in on a meeting, and in another it retrieves its lunch (a raw fish) from the lunchroom fridge. The idea was to make ALTA stand out in a field where few brands advertise aggressively—and it worked!

The Results

After the video spots went live, ALTA saw a profound spike in engagement on social and a subsequent increase in both product inquiries and orders for its Expert line of modular refrigeration units. We continue to work with ALTA to help them maintain their brand leadership and to develop new ways they can use the Yeti to energize their customer vase and generate even more buzz and business.

Why You Should Consider a Digital Agency

  • Today’s agile digital agencies aren’t afraid to take risks.
    • A multifaceted digital agency with a deep pool of creative talent may see opportunities that you’ve either overlooked or dismissed.
    • A tech-savvy digital agency can incorporate video and social media management into your overall campaign—helping you reach new customers through a variety of channels.
    • A digital agency can optimize both front- and backend content for search.

At Mighty 8th Media, we’ve devoted ourselves to helping brands build their image and broaden their appeal. Our experienced account executives, designers, and videographers have spent years honing their skills, and all have an in-depth understanding of what goes into the creation of a successful brand. Let us help you create that perfect blend of visuals and content that gets you noticed. Contact us today!


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