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“Really, it all started when I showed Bradley my home movies.” That was four years ago. Then Kevin started an in-house apprenticeship and began to set the bar for how stories should be shown.

For him, shooting and producing video isn’t work. It’s the lights, camera, action and everything in between that tells people’s stories in a way that leaves you craving more. He started in graphic design at the very beginning — we’re talking version 1.0 software here, and he’s been part of the Mighty 8th team for eight years.
While he’s always been driven to create, it’s the little things that make or break a video that Kevin loves most. It makes sense, really, because he’s also a musician and total gear head. Tweaking, tuning and piecing things together to create a bigger, better something is what grabs him, and his audience, by the feelings. That’s his goal for the video department as well; to build it up more than anyone could ever imagine and give the clients a Hollywood treatment they won’t soon forget.


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  • Hobbies: Photography, movies, reading, biking, videography, music, and art.
  • Food: Fresh fish, especially tuna steak and sushi, and Mexican.
  • Band: The Beatles
  • Movie: Pulp Fiction, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Exorcist
  • Super Power: The ability to fly
  • TV Show: The Handmaid's Tale, True Detective, Mindhunter
  • Book: “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr
  • Quote: So that was Mrs. Lundegaard on the floor in there. And I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper. And those three people in Brainerd. And for what? For a little bit of money. There's more to life than a little money, you know. Don't you know that? And here ya are, and it's a beautiful day. Well, I just don't understand it. - Fargo


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