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Jonathan cofounded Mighty 8th Media because he wanted to do business differently. As a lifelong art lover, his calling is to support and sustain creativity in the community — and he wanted to create a place where good people could do good work for other good people. It’s that passion and commitment that has driven him to take care of like-minded folks and help eliminate wasted potential throughout the state.

Calling himself a frustrated church pianist, Jonathan believes that you have to be in tune with what the clients and customers are hearing to make sure the brand, the messaging, and the company as whole, are hitting all the right notes. For him, it isn’t about what you make but the way it’s made that counts. No matter the budget or the scale of the project, it will be delivered right on time and right the first time, in a way that is healthy and fair to everyone involved.

With one of Georgia’s best places to work and his debut in the Gwinnett Ballet under his belt, Jonathan’s next goal is to build bigger roller coasters for Mighty 8th’s clients. He sees, and sells, the ideas that are so exciting you’ll throw your hands in the air and caution to the wind just to get the thrill of the ride. As he says, “I can see Oz the moment we meet — the trick is getting there. But then again, getting there is half the fun.”


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  • Hobbies: Bowling and music
  • Food: Homemade coconut pie and homemade pimento cheese
  • Band: Maroon 5
  • Movie: Remember the Titans
  • Super Power: The ability to fly
  • TV Show: Good Morning America
  • Book: “Getting Naked” by Patrick Lencioni
  • Quote: “You Had Me at Hello.” - Dorothy Boyd (Jerry Maguire)


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