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“Take care of the people who work for you and they’ll take care of the business.” This fatherly advice was the final push that encouraged Bradley to cofound Mighty 8th Media. And, having ran his own pharmacy business for 40 years, there was really no arguing with Dad on that one.

Growing up, Bradley’s artistic talents were always encouraged by his mother and father — something he’s very grateful for as, he laughs, “My sister got the math and science in our family. My high school advisor recommended I look into the funeral industry — talk about a dead end!” After studying Art and Design at LaGrange College, Bradley honed his design skills as Art Director at two agencies prior to starting Mighty 8th. Now he’s known for work that is packed with artistic flair, mesmerizing detail; somehow blending the rich history of a bygone era with the clean, inviting feel of modern design.

His mom was an artist also, always painting, sculpting and gardening to get her creative fix. These days Bradley gets that same fix from 9–5. Whether he’s illustrating, mentoring or brainstorming, he’s always working to inspire himself and the rest of the creative team, encouraging them to dig deep for the designs and details that make you say “Wow!”


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  • Hobbies: My Kids, History, WWII, Travel
  • Food: Vietnamese Pho Ga
  • Band: Frightened Rabbit
  • Movie: Saving Private Ryan
  • Super Power: Ability to Fly
  • TV Show: Peaky Blinders
  • Book: The Taking, Dean Koontz
  • Quote: “We’ve got a pool and a pond, pond will be good for you” - Chevy Chase


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