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Growing up in Kentucky, graphic design wasn’t something anyone really discussed. Ben first went to college for Video Game Design — turns out that wasn’t nearly as cool as playing them. His advisor suggested he try the graphic design program and there he found his passion for illustration, photography, layout, book design and typography.

When he’s not sketching, searching for the perfect typeface (a never-ending quest), or hiking, Ben is digging deep into his latest interest. His two long-standing obsessions are playing video games and making gig posters, but “I learn everything I can to try and make something unique.” He’s also a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do but no, he won’t be showing off those moves.

For seven years now Ben has brought eclectic, energetic design and attention to detail to every Mighty 8th client. His inspiration is as varied as his technique, though the walking trails behind his house are a failsafe way to jolt creativity — and on the occasion that doesn’t work, there’s always his stash of Mountain Dew.


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  • Hobbies: Drawing, video games and making gig posters
  • Food: Anything Japanese and fresh baked bread
  • Band: Depends on my mood - Braids, Aphex Twin, Thomas Newman, or Nick Drake
  • Movie: Ratcatcher
  • Super Power: Wonder Twins gophermote
  • TV Show: Six Feet Under and Robot Chicken
  • Book: “My Side of the Mountain” by Jean Craighead George
  • Quote: "It's not a tumor!" – Detective John Kimble, Kindergarten Cop


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