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Creative PRIMUS came to us with the one problem they couldn’t solve – despite being known as the builders who get it done, no matter what, their outdated branding just didn’t measure up. Known throughout their industry as PRIMUS, we retained the iconic “P” then designed a bold and powerful word mark. By eliminating the lowercased, equally weighted remaining letters, readability was increased and we created a foundation that could be repurposed on everything from trucks and hard hats to iconography.
Creative Next we scrapped the existing website and updated it with a modern, well-ordered feel. By combining custom illustrations with an intuitive user interface and portfolio system, potential clients can now immediately see the advantages of choosing PRIMUS for their project.

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Video Further proof that they are leaders in commercial cold storage and distribution construction, PRIMUS recently completed their largest build in the history of the company. The challenge: complete a cold storage facility for Kroger grocery stores that measures more than 1 million square feet — in no more than 18 months.

When each of their competitors said the timeline was too tight, the budget wasn’t there, and the build wasn’t possible, PRIMUS stepped up. Their ability to take on these types of large scale projects and facilitate a streamlined, team approach to accomplish such massive goals comes second to none. The only challenge? Sharing that story when none of the crew likes to brag.

We solved it with video. Because the guys are very humble and career-focused, video is the perfect tool to highlight their accomplishments. We took advantage of their praise for one another, deciding to shoot the film with a combination of sizzle reel details and individual interviews that showcased both the scope and challenge of the build, as well as the stories of those who made it happen. As a result, this video is a testament to the caliber of talent rallied under the new PRIMUS brand.
Creative We also integrated a simple-to-use content management system that allows the PRIMUS team to update the backend of their content including their project portfolio.

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Creative We love to illustrate and this project provided a toy chest of equipment to bring to life. We combined images and illustrations to create a more engaging user experience throughout the website.
  • Robust new brand to highlight a powerhouse in the industry
The team at Mighty 8th designed our website and it was met with much acclaim throughout our industry. Because that project was such a success, we chose to have them create our first-ever project movie. It couldn’t have been easy to shoot, exteriors in 95 degree heat, then interiors in sub-freezing temperatures, but they did it with enthusiasm. The best part was the day we filmed the team interviews, Bradley and Kevin put a group of hardened construction professionals at ease and captured each of them at their best. We gave Mighty 8th minimal instructions before editing began. We simply asked that the final movie reflect not just the Kroger project, but how Primus does business. Mighty 8th told the story of our Kroger project with power and grace. The movie is an epic story that reflects how Primus does business. We are all thrilled with it! I highly recommend the Mighty 8th team!

- Rebecca Elliott, Director of Marketing

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