National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

Creative The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force serves as both a living memorial to the American “bomber boys” of World War II and as the muse for our own brand. Beginning three years ago with illustrations for their annual gala invitations, work for the museum is now a passion project for our entire crew. In anticipation of HBO’s upcoming miniseries, “The Mighty Eighth” (created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, and rumored to be the most expensive in history) we’ve overhauled the museum’s digital presence and elevated awareness of the facility through traditional marketing.
Creative The primary goal of our online overhaul was to give the museum’s administration complete control over their content. By developing it on a CMS platform we provided an easy, reliable method for updating content, photos, stories, and more. Using rich photography, historic footage, and an action-oriented navigation it is now an immersive experience that brings the Mighty Eighth legacy to life.

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Creative We strongly believe that making information easily available is the key to keeping history relevant. By creating a central research and education portal, site visitors can immediately grasp the depth of knowledge and collections of memorabilia that are preserved by the museum. It also offers a clear path to the Veteran’s Database — a crucial touchpoint for collecting the names and stories of those WWII heroes who are no longer able to share them.
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Video We also created a promo video with highlights around the museum’s campus. This “teaser tour” hooks website visitors with an archival audio track and mixes historic footage with current film techniques to create excitement and anticipation, and drive more on-location visits.
Creative In 1943, an American bomber crewman stood only a one-in-five chance of surviving his tour of duty. So begins the gripping narrative, “Masters of the Air”, by Dr. Donald Miller. His powerful story pulls on historically accurate accounts of the fear and fire felt throughout the skies above Europe — facts and stats that were researched and confirmed by experts at the Mighty Eighth museum. It’s the strong storyline in Miller’s book that inspired the Spielberg-Hanks HBO miniseries, “The Mighty Eighth”, which will ultimately bring a whole new meaning to “air time” for the legacy of heroism that helped win WWII.
  • A powerful and artistic web presence to highlight the breadth of the museum and all the stories it continues to share with the world
Congratulations to you and your team at Mighty Eighth Media! The new Museum website is superb. We have received accolades from all of our Board members, which is not always easy to do. Also, thanks for working so close with Pearl and taking care of all our little adjustments. You guys are world class!

- Henry Skipper, President, National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

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