One of the greatest challenges for any brand is to enter a new market. The risks are significant, especially when competition is stiff, but the potential rewards are substantial too. If you’re thinking about making the leap, there are several good reasons to partner with an agile digital agency that embraces the use of video and social media as well as a sophisticated approach to SEO.

To illustrate, let’s look at an example…

The Challenge

Recently, Hot Tools—makers of curling irons, hairdryers, flat irons, and the revolutionary CurlBar™ styling tool—approached Mighty 8th Media with an intriguing challenge. For 30 years, Hot Tools products were sold B2B and were available exclusively to salons and stylists, and in that time the company had never targeted the mass consumer market.

The company leadership, however, recognized an opportunity to expand into the consumer retail market—so for us, as an Atlanta-based digital agency, the challenge was to help Hot Tools reach savvy, beauty-conscious consumers who are regularly inundated with purchasing options from established beauty products brands.

“Everyone Deserves Beautiful”

Working with the client, we focused on creating a digital campaign that would effectively introduce the Hot Tools Signature Series of products to the B2C marketplace. We targeted millennial moms because of their knowledge of beauty products, purchasing power, and openness to innovation.

Hot Tools knew they were entering a marketplace that was already competitive, so we decided to focus our campaign on the universal appeal and affordability of their Signature Series. Our concept was simple—that beauty is universal and attainable with salon quality beauty products from Hot Tools. So we set about building a campaign around the tag line: “Everyone deserves beautiful.”

We focused much of our efforts on video—a core strength of our agency—and aimed at crafting an emotional connection with consumers.  In one video, a tween daughter is struggling to get the look she wants from her styling tools, so she asks her mom for help. Using the Hot Tools salon-quality Signature Series, mom is quickly able to give her daughter the beautiful and professional quality style she wants without an expensive and time-consuming trip to the salon. In another video, a young woman recovering from cancer treatment reclaims her self-image using Signature Series products from Hot Tools.

Once we’d crafted the message, one challenge remained—getting it out to the masses. To accomplish this, Mighty 8th managed both the media strategy and the media buying for the line, making judicious choices that would keep costs under control while maximizing return on investment.

The Results

The success of the campaign surpassed even the client’s expectations, helping to generate extremely strong sales in national retail outlets such as Target and WalMart stores. And we look forward to working with Hot Tools as their brand grows, crafting future campaigns and increasing engagement through social media.

What Can a Digital Agency Do for Your Brand?

  • Boost awareness of your brand
    • Craft campaigns that highlight your brand’s strengths
  • Coordinate campaigns with your brand’s social media
    • Use the power of video to create an emotional connection with consumers
  • Optimize both front- and backend content for search

At Mighty 8th Media, we’ve devoted ourselves to helping brands build their image and broaden their appeal. Our experienced account executives, designers, and videographers have spent years honing their skills, and all have an in-depth understanding of what goes into the creation of a successful brand. Let us help you create that perfect blend of visuals and content that gets you noticed. Contact us today!


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