If you’re managing a small to mid-sized business, you have a wide range of marketing options open to you—including print, digital, and video campaigns, along with sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and social media. But creating an effective marketing program from research to implementation can be a tall order, especially if your team’s time is already jam-packed with other responsibilities.

Maybe you’ve already considered working with a professional marketing agency but tabled the idea on the grounds of cost. Time to reconsider. Working with a seasoned marketing agency can actually save you time and expense!  Here are just a few ways how.

Benefit from the experience of others

Experienced marketers have traveled this landscape before and they’re aware of the potential pitfalls. When you work with a seasoned agency, you eliminate the learning curve, employee training, and rookie mistakes that can delay target dates and increase costs. Experienced marketers also have a solid perspective on what works (and what doesn’t). They can bring this expertise to the table from the outset and help you avoid costly delays and do-overs.

Gain access to varied expertise

While there are advantages to creating a marketing campaign from scratch, you risk missing out on critical skills that an outside agency can provide.  By working with an agency you can access skill sets that may extend beyond those of your in-house team. Plus, by putting fresh eyes on the project, you can often gain new insights or inspiration that can boost the quality and effectiveness of the campaigns you create. A marketing agency can also help identify assets you may not be aware you have.

Improve time management

Marketing is a huge responsibility.  If your team members are tied up by a large-scale marketing campaign, they’re not free to do what they do best—ensure the quality of your brand. Multitasking can cause your team to miss key obligations or to underperform in other areas—either of which can cost you money in the long run.

Tackle more for less

An experienced marketing agency can offer assets and abilities that may be outside the scope of your in-house team’s abilities.  For example, a seasoned agency can:

  • Create marketing collateral—including brochures, white papers, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, promotional or follow-up emails, videos, and more.
  • Build your website and handle all aspects of branding and graphic design
  • Develop online content, including evergreen and event-specific posts.
  • Manage your company’s social media accounts
  • Conduct market research
  • Provide marketing software (saving you the need to purchase it out of pocket)
  • Create metrics to gauge the impact of marketing efforts

Are you ready to task your team with all these responsibilities with the hope everything will go smoothly from the start? Or perhaps you’d rather onboard and train a full-time marketer. Add up vacation, sick time and personal days off, and you may be without marketing muscle for four to six weeks a year, or more. When you tally salary, time off and benefits, the added expense can quickly outstrip the cost of agency fees.

At Mighty 8th Media, we know how important time and money are to your business. Let our talented and experienced account managers, web designers, and content creators help you meet your marketing challenges with confidence. Contact us today and discover what Mighty 8th can do for you.


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