You know you’ve got a great company to promote. You’ve even got a solid concept mapped out for a video that will boost your brand. All you need now is a quality video production company capable of bringing your concept to life. But with dozens of options in the Atlanta metro area—and no room in your budget for second chances—how can you choose the right company the first time out?

Don’t panic. Here are a few tips that can help you choose a top quality video production company without wasting time or money.

A Winning Portfolio

Perhaps the quickest way to assess the strengths of a video production company is to look at its portfolio. That means going deeper than just viewing the promo clip on the company’s homepage. View some of the videos that their team has produced for their clients and you’ll get an idea of their directorial style, technical capabilities, creative skill, and versatility in subject matter and tone.

Long Standing Client Relationships

One mark of any great company is the ability to generate repeat business. Production companies capable of maintaining client relationships over time are probably doing something right. If you see client relationships that date back a decade or more, you’re probably dealing with a company that will go the extra mile for you. And don’t forget to check testimonials and reviews.

Effective Communication

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a media company that’s willing to listen to your ideas before proposing potential solutions. If you’re getting a “we know better” attitude from a prospective video production vendor or agency, it’s a red flag. Also, your account manager should be accessible and responsive. Calls or emails should be returned promptly, and you should never feel neglected, ignored, or out of the loop during any stage of project development.

Creativity that Shines

Video is a wonderful medium that lets top creative directors in the field show their range and skill. Look for a production company that isn’t afraid to take risks or work outside convention. See what their creative artists have done in the past and assess how their style dovetails with your goals.

A Passion for Excellence

Finally, there’s one thing that may be hard to quantify, but that is no less important—a passion for excellence. If a company is 100% committed to creating flawless videos that illuminate their clients’ strengths, it will show in their work, in the way they communicate their ideas, and in their commitment to your vision.

At Mighty 8th Media, we’ve built our company on these principles. Founded more than a decade ago in Buford, GA, we have remained committed to our community and to the many dynamic businesses that help it thrive. We listen to our clients and will find ways to help you achieve your goals. Our strength is evident across the board—from strong leadership and exceptional creative artists to responsive account managers and a dedicated support staff.

Contact us today and discover what Mighty 8 Media can do for you.


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