Ever wonder what makes certain successful brands instantly memorable to consumers? Is it an eye-catching logo, a snappy tagline, a clever campaign, or is it all of these and more? One hint is that a successful brand’s public face is not sculpted by chance, but by intent. Every piece of branded collateral—whether it lives in the physical or in the virtual space—contributes to the overall image of the brand in some positive, if not always measurable, way.

So let’s take a look at some ways you can use the tools that successful brands employ to make your brand more memorable.

Design a Logo that Captures the Soul of Your Brand

If you look at some of today’s most memorable logos, you can see how essential logo design is to a brand’s appeal. For example, Ford has used its blue oval and scripted brand name for over a century to convey stability and reliability, whereas far younger brand Target has used its bold red bulls-eye to tell consumers that their stores have the exact products to meet their needs.

In each case, the choice of color, font, and graphic elements contribute positively to the overall message of the brand. There is a lot that goes into the creation of a memorable brand logo, and while there’s much latitude for creativity, conventional wisdom is to keep it simple, keep it bold, and make it easily reproducible (and recognizable) in any size from a billboard to an avatar.

Use Language Intentionally

Language offers you an amazing toolkit for building interest, engagement, and trust in your brand. Use it wisely. From catchy taglines and headers to quality web copy and video scripts, language matters. And the words you use should support your brand. Few things alienate consumers more effectively than bland, forgettable, or sloppy language. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from risk—don’t be afraid to take chances. Just be sure that the words you employ directly communicate a positive aspect of your brand in a way that connects with your desired audience.

Stand Apart from the Competition

Competition in almost all commercial endeavors is fierce. One of the greatest challenges faced by brands today lies in finding new and creative ways to stand apart from—and above—the competition. It may require a few heated strategy sessions to determine what attributes most visibly make your brand unique, but once you find them, use them. Possible candidates may be speed, efficiency, customer care, new technology, or increased efficiency. Whichever of your brand’s attributes you choose to highlight, do so consistently across all brand assets.

Use a Wide Range of Platforms to Broaden Your Reach

Back in the day, brands had few venues from which to choose—print, radio, and TV were the top three. But the world of e-commerce has opened up vast new ways to connect with consumers at various points in the purchase process. Websites, social media outlets, and even apps let brands reach far more potential customers in far less time than had ever been possible before. When you know where and how your target audience consumes and conveys information, you can craft a digital marketing strategy that exploits these many avenues of interaction.

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms offer you access to billions of users worldwide. Observing how memorable brands manage their social media accounts can yield clues to their success. Do they use time-sensitive campaigns? Do they interact personally with consumers to answer questions and address concerns? The answers to questions like these can help you craft broad-reaching marketing campaigns that get results.

Build a Human Connection with Consumers

Regardless of the tech we use to consume information, we are all still humans who process in very human ways. We cue our attention to the voices and facial expressions of the people speaking to us, and in many ways, our responses are as much emotional as intellectual. When you are striving for memorability, don’t neglect the very human characteristics we all share. These are your steppingstones toward building trust, confidence, rapport, and yes, memorability.

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