What Facebook’s New Algorithm Means for Businesses
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Although some businesses think each of their posts reach all of their fans, Facebook constantly evolves its algorithm that decides which of your posts actually get displayed in a user’s news feed. Today, the social media giant announced a significant new tweak to the algorithm that will have a big impact on text-only updates to business pages.

Hubspot has provided an excellent example of two very similar posts that have one critical difference. When sharing a link on Facebook, the page administrator can choose to just embed the text link within the post, or keep all the rich meta-data and imagery that is automatically displayed when the link is pasted into the post.

Here are the two ways to share a link:

Business Facebook Posts

Based on today’s announcement from Facebook, the second version which includes imagery and other metadata will reach the news feed of far more users. The good news? It takes no more time to create posts like this, and the imagery will provide more context and visual interest to your fans.

By taking a few simple steps, you can have a big impact on the performance of your social media posts.

Read more about Facebook’s algorithm change at Hubspot.com.

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