The Process Behind Powerful Marketing Videos
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

When we kick off a marketing video project with a client, they often wonder when we’ll start writing “the script.” The answer? “We’re not writing a script.” Why is that the case? Because we have a process that has led to powerful marketing videos that feel much more organic than a scripted video would otherwise allow. Below is a snapshot into our process, along with a few samples of videos that ditch the script and follow a much more natural path.


Any good marketing video must have a clear goal. Examples might include:

• Convince potential customers to trust the company.

• Recruit the best and brightest candidates and encourage them to apply.

• Showcase why a company and their service or product is different from the competition.

The goal of the video, and the key messaging that supports this goal, must be represented in a written Creative Brief that is approved at the beginning of the process. The style, “look and feel” and other elements of the video are also addressed.


After we’ve identified the right employees to include in a marketing video, we give the interviewees an idea of what we’ll cover and a few key messaging points. They are being interviewed due to their competence and character, so there is no need to have them memorize a script or rehearse answers. We’re simply having a one-one-one conversation about topics they discuss every day with their team and their clients. This creates a comfortable, natural conversation…that just happens to have lights and cameras in the room at the same time!


We take the very best statements captured at the video shoot, and use those as inspiration to craft the overall story. Although we knew the overall goal thanks to the Creative Brief, inevitably we hear off-the-cuff statements and inspiring thoughts that help us take a unique and unexpected path to reach that goal.




Pinnacle Bank

With 80 years of history, Pinnacle Bank wanted to show why they were equipped to be the very best local bank for customers for the next 80 years and beyond. This video strikes the perfect balance between celebrating an 80th anniversary while showcasing their friendly, community-based banking that appeals to customers of today.


Allgood Pest Solutions

How could one of the leading pest control service providers differentiate themselves against national brands and the mom and pop shops in the area? By telling their unique family story and clearly showing how much they care about their customers and employees.


Reise Beisbier & Associates

When you need a divorce lawyer, you’re likely in a vulnerable, unfamiliar place and looking for guidance. This marketing video shows how the warm, welcoming staff at Reise Beisbier & Associates stands ready to help every client get the law services they deserve.

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