The Birthday Chicken Strikes Again
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

The Birthday Chicken holds a special place in our company’s history.  Bradley, Mighty 8th Media Partner and Creative Director, has previously shared the hilarious beginnings of this tradition (read more here) and the legend continues, even for our clients!

Recently the Birthday Chicken paid a visit to a very special client, and the leading provider of IT Solutions in the Atlanta area, UTG.  The Birthday Chicken always makes a very silent entrance…

Then the Birthday Chicken tiptoes quietly through your lobby… aided by Adidas sneakers, apparently.

And then the Birthday Chicken wishes you (Brian Miller, COO of UTG) a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Brian!

When will the Birthday Chicken strike next?  Only time will tell.  (But it won’t be before that stinky costume finally gets dry cleaned…)

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