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Cristina is one of our excellent account managers. She’s always been a fan of the print ads from the 1950’s. As a history fan, she was curious about how advertising changed over the years and what led to modern advertisers becoming so crass. While at Georgia State University, Cristina’s curiosity led her to major in marketing. Her education along with her years in corporate marketing give her a clear vision of success for our clients.

Cristina likes to find the humor in all situations. As she says, “A world without humor is no world I want to live in.” Not surprisingly, her favorite part of working at Mighty 8th is her co-workers. Another quote of hers is, “Having a small crew gives us a chance to be one big family.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Cristina is optimistic, quirky, and curious. She is especially inquisitive when it comes to learning about her clients’ businesses. She also enjoys Dremel crafting with scrap wood, photography, playing the cello, attending concerts, and blasting tunes on the back deck. Her real passion in life, though, is her son. When you see that big smile on Cristina’s face, chances are, she’s either thinking about her son or just heard the funniest joke.


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  • Hobbies: Photography, listening to music, enjoying time with my family, traveling, cooking and baking, crafting
  • Food: I'll never turn down sushi, Publix subs, or a glass of champagne. Class.
  • Band: Incubus
  • Movie: Anything produced by Judd Apatow, Tim Burton, Disney, or Pixar.
  • Super Power: Time Travel
  • TV Show: The Knick
  • Book: Dad is Fat, Jim Gaffigan
  • Quote: "Samsonite, I was way off!" - Jim Carrey


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