Something’s Fishy About this Birthday!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Today was a special day at Mighty 8th as we celebrated the 29th birthday of our very own Ben!  His desk area was decorated in a nautical theme with many fish species floating around.

So what did this underwater decor and its sea-faring creatures represent?  It could only mean one thing: SUSHI!  Ben is a huge fan of sushi, particularly from a local establishment near Lake Lanier called Little Tokyo. So, the whole gang piled into a few cars and headed to Ben’s favorite local sushi hangout.

In the picture above, Ben is holding something that LOOKS like sushi, but it’s actually soap that is disguised like sushi.  Very clever!  Score one for cleanliness.

Meanwhile, after our orders were placed, the salad course began rolling out and (almost) everyone gave their chopstick skills a workout.

Then it was time for the sushi Gods to work their magic.  Once the scrumptious tiger rolls and California rolls started hitting the table, it was mere moments before the plates were cleaned.


For the non-sushi lovers among us, Little Tokyo has a nice variety of Asian options for every taste.  Here Tammy can be seen dousing her tasty stir-fried veggies with a healthy dose of soy sauce.

Once everyone had their fill of this Asian-themed feast, it was time for the favorite part of any birthday celebration: cake!  But this wasn’t just any cake, this was a custom cake made to look just like the sushi feast that we just had!  (Because when you are absolutely stuffed with sushi, the thing you want is something that looks like a carbon copy of what you just ate, but with a sickly-sweet frosting coating all over it.)

But seriously, this was one good looking cake.  Kudos to the Publix cake department for delivering a real masterpiece!

Ben was so pleased with his lunch and the cake that he shared two pieces with the couple that owns and runs Little Tokyo.

Ben spends so much time at this place, these nice folks are almost like his foster parents! They really seemed to enjoy hosting our whole crew today, and it was a very memorable way to mark this special occasion.

Happy Birthday, Ben!

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