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Whether your business needs a complete rebrand or a portfolio of branded marketing collateral, we’re the right crew for the mission.

By creating memorable design assets and developing a powerful visual language, our designers and branding experts build a proprietary brand identity that shows the world who you are, every single time.

Don’t just take our word for it.

An award-winning Atlanta marketing and design agency, we’ve worked with powerhouse brands such as the global cosmetics company, Revlon, and American toy icon, Little Tikes.

Developing innovative products is your business. Transforming you into a powerful brand is ours.


Make them Remember Your Name

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What is it that makes consumers click with certain brands? Is it an iconic logo, custom Pantone colors, or high-quality illustrations that produce branding magic?

Specific design elements aren’t solely responsible for a brand’s success. Instead, each part works together to communicate your message to the intended audience. And cultivating that brand identity helps you stand out to consumers, strengthen brand recognition, and foster positive associations.

Visuals attract humans. And designing a brand strategy with a cohesive identity is what makes consumers remember your name.

Not convinced? Research shows that consistent branding across all platforms increases revenue by more than 23 percent. Color alone improves brand recognition by 80 percent.

Make them Remember Your Name

What Your Brand Says About You

First impressions matter. The way your logo looks, the way your copy reads, and even how your colors make people feel all set the tone for every interaction with your customers from here on out.

But your brand is more than just a logo.

Your overall brand is how you share your story, vision, and values: it’s in your customer service policies. It’s even in the copy in your Twitter bio.

But here’s a simple truth: most companies don’t understand what a brand is, or even how visual design elements fit into their overall marketing strategy.

When people hear the word “brand,” they most often think of iconic logos, but your brand is how the world views your company. And your brand identity portrays who you are through visual elements such as your logo, typography, colors, and graphics.

Your brand is your identifier, tasked with speaking for your company long after you’ve finished talking.

The Whole Nine Yards

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Every piece of collateral–from web design to product packaging–should communicate a consistent message that fits your brand identity and core values.

And now, thanks to digital media, brands can connect with audiences through apps, platforms, and digital products. Market reach for brands has never been greater.

Which is why branding experts should design a company’s public face with the big picture in mind and the little details ironed out.

That’s where we come in.

Why Mighty 8th?

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We take off with a complete brand analysis to assess your branding and design needs and to understand the mechanics that make your company’s engine run. From there, we work in partnership with your team to formulate a custom flight plan that brings your brand to life.

Areas of Expertise

Your brand identity is just that: who you are. It’s how people decide if they want to get to know you better. So getting to know you better is the first thing our designers and branding experts do when crafting your identity.

When we understand what you’re all about, we can develop logos and brand styles and give you a voice that shows your brand’s personality.


We define typography styles, color palettes, imagery, secondary design elements, and last, but not least, brand voice and strategy. With Mighty 8th branding services, you get the whole nine yards.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

In our decade-long partnership with Wildlands, the national leader in wetland mitigation and ecosystem restoration, we’ve built an organic, trusted brand that communicates the incredible breadth of Wildlands’ endeavors.

Logo Design

As the face of your brand, a logo demands memorability. We’ve designed compelling logos for everyone from financial institutions to pharmaceutical companies to personal care brands. Once we’ve presented you with first-class logo options, we’ll educate you on which logo is best suited for each medium.

Rebranding an Iconic Local Company

A staple in the Georgia banking industry, Georgia’s Own needed a rebrand to compete in the modern market. We gave their logo and brand strategy the refresh it needed to convey their innovative new products to an ever-changing market.

Graphic & Web Design

Your website is home to everything your audience needs to know about you. That’s a lot of detail to get exactly right. We design websites that are interactive and easy for the user to navigate, which turns visitors into loyal customers.

Not to mention, mobile e-commerce is forecasted to account for more than 54 percent of all online sales by 2021. Is your website ready? Let our team of experts take your website and graphics from archaic to mobile-friendly.

Areas of Expertise

Helping Tampa Microwave reach their end-user

Tampa Microwave needed to showcase their family of satellite terminals and its key differentiators while creating an interactive way for end-users (Military Generals) to assemble solutions online. Breaking the Satcom Marketing category wide open, our crew at Mighty 8th created the industry’s first interactive product configurator with complex 3D animations and an Explainer Video.


Every piece of branded collateral, whether it lives in the form of print or digital media, contributes to the overall perception of your brand.

We design collateral for everything from business cards to truck wraps and billboards. We’ll assess your goals and make strategic recommendations for print and digital collateral that drive connection and create brand touch points.

Illustrations & Animations

A powerful illustration helps a brand tell its story even better than words can. And this portfolio of illustrations we custom designed for Zurn Plumbing was, shall we say, just the right fit. With our branding strategy growing their customer base by more than 60 percent, this family-owned plumbing company could take their business into the next generation. Mighty 8th to the rescue.

Environmental Design

We bring spaces to life through visual elements, communicating identity and information, and shaping physical experiences that connect people to places. Mighty 8th’s team of environmental design experts analyze your environment (including furniture, walls, working spaces, and collaboration areas) to create a strategic design strategy that enhances the omnichannel brand experience through physical spaces.

Mighty 8th environmental design services bring cohesion to your brand’s core messaging, creating a through line from digital platforms to physical spaces. From animated digital visuals to lifesize print graphics, we transform your workspace into a shared brand experience for employees and visitors alike.


let’s make history

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