Responsive Website Design 101: The Basics
Posted by: Ben Davis

School is heading back into session, so let’s talk about a lesson in responsive website design!

Responsive web design is a specific website design term that is gaining awareness in recent times. Even if you haven’t heard this phrase, here are a few reasons why this topic is so important when considering your own website and how you engage your web visitors.

Creating the Optimal Experience

The basic premise behind responsive web design is ensuring that your website displays an optimal experience, according to the device on which it is displayed. Your website should look just as good and be just as navigable on your computer as it does your tablet, and your smartphone. Your website responds differently to different devices.

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Responsive Website Design vs. Mobile Website Design

But wait, you might be telling yourself, “I already have a separate mobile site for my company’s main website.” While a mobile site is, and has been, a great asset to have, a responsive website carries many advantages over a dedicated mobile version. Mobile sites tend to have a separate website address, which can offer potential problems if shared and the redirect links are not set up properly. Have you ever received a mobile site link from someone and viewed it on your computer only to be discouraged it’s not formatted correctly? A responsive website design would negate this problem since there is only one URL, so share away!

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Previously, the rationale for a separate mobile site is that it should restrict content or functionality that comes from the desktop version. But with the progression of smartphones and constant connectivity, this is unfortunately limiting your mobile audience’s access to your website.

The goal of responsive web design is to reformat content rather than limit it so that everyone is given the same access; it will just be presented a little differently depending the device it’s viewed upon. With roughly 28% of American smartphone owners using their smartphone as their main device for going online, it’s clear that you can’t ignore the mobile presence. And with tablets gaining popularity, handheld devices aren’t going away any time soon. Making your site mobile friendly isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s now a necessity.

Example of Mighty 8th Media Responsive Web Design

We recently finished a responsive website design for RCD General Contractors.

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Many of our clients need a complete brand overhaul when they come to us and RCD was no exception. It was a great exercise to rebuild their brand from the ground up and work on their online presence to better suit their mobile audience’s needs.

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