Every business, from the smallest start-ups to the largest Fortune 500 companies, needs video on its website. Video marketing has become an integral – and indispensable – part of our internet experience. Video allows you to showcase products, share knowledge and get creative in the way you present yourself. If your company does not have a video marketing strategy, you can bet your competitors do…and it is distinguishing them from their competitors.

Here are five additional reasons why your website needs video.

Create a Better Website Experience

Because people have short attention spans, it is more difficult to hold their interest. Videos on your landing page allow you to immediately grab their attention like no other medium. Video also allows for your website to achieve a certain modern aesthetic. Video is the number one method to consume media. Having a static website consisting of still images and text can prove to be a major liability.

Videos are a great way to explain who you are or showcase your products. Visitors to your website want to discover these things quickly, and video gives you the ability to do just that. They create a sensation that your business cares about the image they present and makes an effort to engage with the visitor in a way they most prefer.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Video is a great way to boost the number of visitors to your website. Search engines like Google love videos, making your business much more visible than those who do not leverage video. Adding video to your website increases SEO and makes your business more visible on the internet.

YouTube is a great place to showcase your videos – and YouTube is owned by Google. Not only will you get tremendous exposure from searchers looking for you on YouTube, but Google will also highlight your videos in their organic search results, providing traffic to your content.

A proven strategy to increase traffic to your website is to share your video via your social media channels. Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow users to share your content. A link to your website should be highly visible in these social media posts. Catch people’s attention quickly and build buzz around your business and website by using video to your advantage.

Measurable Performance

Videos are a great way to measure the overall performance of your business. Today, an increasing majority of shopping is done online, and video enables you to reach your audience in an engaging way, leading to improved conversion rates.  

Employing easy to use tools such as Google Analytics, you can easily track the views your video earns and even track conversion rates from those you first view your videos. Using video, and possessing the ability to quantify the results of the video, you can gauge the effectiveness of each of your videos.

Easy to Implement

Producing video for your website is something you can start doing right now. Whether you have a full production team at your disposal or just a GoPro or iPhone, you can share video to your website.  Even creating professional videos by working with a professional video production company can be an inexpensive endeavor, especially compared to the opportunity to create a high return on the investment. With the ease and low cost of producing quality videos, they can make an immediate impact on your website and your company.

Tell Your Story

Perhaps most importantly, video allows your story to be told in the manner you want it to be. Video creates endless possibilities for what you can add to your website. Showcase some of your best employees, show off your product or service, or perhaps some non-profit work your business has done. Video is the best platform to show people what you’re all about. Visitors to your website do not want to be told what you do and who you are, they want to see it.


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