Putting the Social Media Marketing Cart Before the Horse.
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Today, Mark Traphagen of Marketing Land published a compelling article with a few simple yet powerful tips on how companies can better approach social media.

While some companies flock to social media outlets with no strategy and start posting blindly, they’ve forgotten the entire reason of engaging in the social space to begin with: connecting their brand with the right audience with meaningful and relevant content. And they wonder why their social media marketing is ineffective?

Here are two of our favorite quotes from the Marketing Land article:

“Just as with people, building trust in your brand takes time. There is no way that a single tweet or Instagram photo can deliver that. However, what social media is good at is building relationships that can lead to real trust.”

“Social media content designed to directly sell is seen as an interruption. Imagine you’re walking down the street having a great conversation with a group of friends. Suddenly, a street vendor jumps in front of you and asks you to pay attention to his pitch. Are you inclined to stop and listen? Social media networks are realizing that direct-selling content makes for unhappy users.”

We encourage you to check out Mark’s full social media article here, but if you want to get the basic meat and potatoes, here are the essentials:

Key Takeaways
1. Understand What Social Media Marketing Does & Does Not Do. Social media is great for branding, reach, authority-building, and audience-building. Done well it can even give you “free labor,” armies of brand fans and evangelists who help spread your message. However, don’t expect social media to provide instant trust, customer acquisition, or sales. See it as the necessary “seeding” you do before you can reap a harvest.

2. Don’t Do Social Media Just To Do Social Media. You should never embark on any form of marketing just because it’s trendy or the gurus recommend it. Have a clear reason to be in social media and work from that purpose.

3. Put Social Media Marketing In Its Proper Place In Your Marketing Wagon Train. Make sure you have the brand message and content horses out in front. If you do, they will effectively pull your social media cart where it needs to go.

As Mark says, “Marketing on social media is less like instant coffee and more like slow-roasted whole beans. It takes longer, but can deliver more satisfying results.”

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