Zurn Plumbing Service, Inc.

Creative Zurn Plumbing Service is a family-owned and -operated business. They started out “just doing what was right” and, after more than 30 years in business, that helped them build a powerful word-of-mouth referral system. To better reach the new generations of customers who have a fundamentally different criteria for putting trust in a brand, the Zurn family challenged us to build out their existing brand and put a new marketing strategy into action.

We started with the logo. With the family’s name front and center, it is underscored by sweeping lines that mimic the customer’s ultimate goal for hiring a plumber — leak-free, easy-flowing pipes. By anchoring the word mark within a balanced shape, we created a logo that serves as both a modern icon and a badge of excellence.
Creative With such a strong legacy in the community and more than 30 years of expertise, Zurn needed an effective and concise leave-behind that brought to life their tagline, “If It’s Plumbing … We Do It.” Combining candid shots with location-based photography relevant to a new generation of customers, we created an easy-read brochure that highlights a message from the family, as well as their services.
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Video To celebrate Zurn’s 30th anniversary, we shot a film that spotlighted each founder’s story. It also revealed the company’s dedication to treating their employees and customers like family. By combining first-person recollections of how it all started with on-the-job shots of employees, we captured an evocative video that showcases the company’s values and position for future success.

If you think it’s hard to find the emotion in a plumbing company’s story, consider this viewer's remark, “You really have achieved the American dream. This video captures that and more. I’m so proud to be a Zurn customer!”
Voice and Branding The Zurn team stands out among their competitors in the field and we wanted to replicate that status online. Starting with a needs-based navigation and bookending the home page with awards and offers, we reinvented the customer’s experience and raised the bar for service-industry websites. Deeper within the site, the responsive categories of services make it simple to identify what you need, as well as find advice to keep your home in tip-top shape.

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Creative Known simply as “Zurn Man”, this illustrated mascot provides a fun way to put a familiar face on the company. Maintaining his position as a trusted family friend, Zurn Man appears throughout the marketing collateral to deliver tips and offers, and serves as an icon for trucks, equipment and more.
  • Distinctive rebrand built to preserve and promote the family business legacy across all channels

Last year, Mighty 8th helped us grow our new customer base to over 60%. It has been great working with the the crew and helping Zurn grow!

- Lisa Zurn, Business Manager

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