LUND International

Creative Lund International, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of branded automotive aftermarket accessories, needed to make an impact with their Youtube-obsessed demographics.

For AVS vent visors we tapped into the twenty-somethings' lifestyle and highlighted the benefits of safety and cooler air. For the Jeep Rampage TrailView Soft Top, we zeroed in on the off-roaders and Jeep fan-atics — creating a mud-caked, adventured-fuled spot that sold out the entire stock of product in one week.
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Video Rampage TrailView Soft Top Commercial

The team at Lund International came to Mighty 8th with a unique opportunity to tease, launch and sell a debuting product for their Jeep-focused brand, Rampage. With the beta product unveiled at SEMA 2015, Rampage introduced their game-changing TrailView Soft Top to the aftermarket accessories industry. Fast-forward to January 2016, Rampage came to Mighty 8th with these goals in mind:

1. How do we begin introducing this product to the Jeep community?
2. How do we communicate its unique product differentiators?
3. How do we inspire the customer to buy?

With these three goals in place, Mighty 8th came up with a full-circle launch plan.

1. Take stunning photography in a studio
2. Take more stunning photography showing the product in use
3. Shoot video of the top from all angles in use-case setting; highlight all unique product differentiators; inspire the customer to buy

Knowing that the launch date of the TrailView soft top would be May 5, 2016, we took to social media to begin ‘teasing' the audience in a methodical way.

1. Release a 3 part photo/video teaser series:
2. Release 1 month prior to launch a photo of the new top with a teaser line, “Available 5.5.2016"
3. Target owners of Jeep Wranglers across the United States
4. Release a full image gallery of the product in use-case imagery
5. 1 week prior to launch, unveil the video to the same audience
6. Blanket the Target Audience on the release date on where to buy
7. Release the “How-to Install” instructional video for customers who bought.
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Video AVS Vent Visor Commercial

After some research and brainstorming, the Mighty 8th crew asked, “Why not hit them with a video highlighting the benefits of AVS vent visors?”

We shot, edited and placed a 15 second spot that detailed the company’s history, as well as the product’s industry-changing innovations that put a premium on comfort. By using locations and team members who fit the demographic, we created a spot that was targeted, fun, and energetic without feeling over-sold.

To round out the AVS visor campaign, we also completed a photoshoot with the vehicle in various urban settings around the city of Atlanta. We chose to shoot in locations that created a defined contrast between the sleek lines of the vehicle and the gritty, urban feel of the background environments. The photos were implemented internally for marketing and other brand placement opportunities.
  • Targeted commercial spot that grips the Millennial mindset and presents the benefits of vent visors with an engaging, relatable story
  • The TrailView soft top sold out of all 300 units (roughly $300K in sales) within ONE week.
The Mighty 8th Team was able to deliver this spot from concept to completion in record time. They are very good at their craft.

- Jason Gauci, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing

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