Impact Cryotherapy

Creative Taking cues from the sleek and sophisticated design of Impact Cryotherapy’s signature cryosauna, the logo had to stand alone as an icon and maintain recognition from any angle.

Their equipment is known throughout the industry as “the black octagon”, so that’s where we started. The final elements came to represent the -202ºF ambient temperature within the unit and the biological response to a session that sparks the body’s natural healing abilities.
Voice and Branding When it comes to health & wellness, everybody has something to say. In order to amplify the company’s message and set them apart as a thought leader, the Impact Cryotherapy brand voice had to be clear, catchy, and just a little cocky. By focusing on the company’s influence, quality, and exclusivity with language that spotlights their entrepreneurial spirit, the team immediately identified with the new tone and implemented it without revision.
Creative As the industry-leading manufacturer and driving force behind a whole new health & wellness lifestyle, a fully custom website was a must. Packed with video, icon sets, nested content organization, and space-making rollover states, this new site leaves the competition out in the cold.

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Creative To educate viewers about an unknown product in a segmented market, it was was crucial to create an icon set that caught, and kept, their attention. Echoing the hard edged construction of the cryosauna, fine line art was used to simplify graphic forms, and to illustrate the major markets and product differentiators.
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Video The reality of cryotherapy is that every body will respond differently — and everybody’s take away will be different as well. By filming a company video that incorporated B-roll of the target audiences, “shock” shots of the cold vapor boiling out of the unit, and candid discussions with the major team members, we were able to introduce the cryosauna, examine cryotherapy as a lifestyle, and convey the power of the teams that built it.
Creative With cryotherapy, you have to try to “get” it. To ease the decision-making for potential
cryo-converts, we built a cryosauna locator map that shuffles results based on zip code, city or state to ensure those customers get the full “Octagon advantage”. It also highlights the company’s nation-wide reach and helps draw customers into the retail space of a licensed proprietor.

As with most successful startups, it's the people behind the scenes that make Impact Cryotherapy such a game-changer. Using micro-interactions to stimulate the eye and in-depth bios that are equal parts personal confessions and professional experiences, the team page leaves you inspired and ready to take the cryotherapy challenge.
We have been working with Mighty 8th to establish our brand in a new industry, whole body cryotherapy. We have found the creativity, work ethic and relationship with Mighty 8th to be top notch. The team is both hard-working and talented, and they listen. If I had to say just one thing, I would say Mighty 8th totally nailed it! We genuinely look forward to our continued partnership.

- Beth DeStasio, Vice President, IMPACT Cryotherapy

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