Mighty 8th Sponsors Tripp Halstead 5K
Posted by: Kevin Moss

Members of the Mighty 8th crew recently laced up to participate in “Tripp-a-Doodle’s Trot,” a 5K fundraiser to help support Tripp Halstead.  Nearly 8 months ago, Tripp sustained injuries from a fallen tree branch which landed on his head, leaving him in critical condition with brain damage.

As a proud sponsor of the event, Mighty 8th Media was honored and inspired by Tripp’s story. Many members of our crew have joined over 789,000 people from all over the world that follow updates to his condition on the Facebook page his parents set up to keep family and friends aware of his progress and recovery. His followers and supporters are collectively known as Team Boom!


The sell-out event took place at the Gwinnett Braves stadium with over 1,500 runners in attendance.


For some of the crew, this would be their first 5k, with aspirations of simply making it across the finish line in one piece. Others (I’m looking at you Tammy) were well-seasoned athletic professionals who eat 5K’s for breakfast. And then there were a few of us who fell somewhere in between – that was one of the things that made this 5K, so special. It didn’t matter if you had run the Boston Marathon, if you were a suburban power walker, or just someone with a pair of Nike’s, everyone was there to be part of something bigger than themselves – the courageous struggle of a two year old boy and his fight against the odds.


Mighty 8th was happy to be there to show our support for “Team Boom” and wish the Halstead family love and support for the road ahead.



If you’re inspired by Tripp’s story and want to help the Halstead family, please visit http://www.teamboom4tripp.com.

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