Mighty 8th Partner Judges Atlanta Marketing Competition
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Jonathan Holmes, Mighty 8th Media Partner, recently participated in hackATL, a weekend-long event at Emory business school where 400 people attempted to build a business within 48 hours and pitch the idea as they competed for prizes. Think of it as an episode of Shark Tank on steroids.

HackATL Marketing Competition

Jonathan was asked to serve as a mentor, entrepreneur and judge for the competition, and he initially watched the 400 people gather to pitch ideas and form teams.

Some teams came to the event already assembled while other participants had to pitch an idea at the Friday night kick-off. If a group liked their idea, they would be asked to join the team. Business teams consisted of developers, designers and business majors to create the best business concept to pitch to the judges.

Once the teams were assembled, they had to develop a business concept, design a working model and prepare a business plan. Throughout Friday and Saturday, hundreds of people picked Jonathan’s brain on concepts, ideas, marketing strategies, financial models and pitches. He was also able to provide the point of view of an entrepreneur.

hackATL business competition

On Sunday, Jonathan judged teams as they pitched their ideas and business plans. They were then ranked and 8 teams were selected for the big pitch to the entire crowd of attendees.

Some sample company ideas included virtual fit clothing, ‘In the Game’ Sports Apps, improved data collection for hospitals, geo-messaging and even virtual scent drops for events or restaurants.

Jonathan was honored to be a part of this successful marketing competition and we look forward to supporting hackATL next year!

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