Mighty 8th on Location with School Spirit!
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

When a long-time client like Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) wants to develop new marketing materials, they come to us with initial ideas and we take it from there. Such was the case for a new recruitment brochure aimed at attracting more great teachers for the award-winning school system.

But what image would we use to convey exuberant children who are ready to learn? We were aiming for a shot that really captured the energy of true school spirit.

First, we needed to assemble a good group of kids to photograph. Mighty 8th Media Senior Designer Tammy Dock-Brown contacted several local talent agencies to find 12 children that would be a good fit for the brochure, as well as other pieces on the horizon for GCPS.

After the kids were selected for the shoot, Tammy and Project Manager Jessica Seagraves met photographer Woodie Williams at a studio in Atlanta for the big photo shoot. Tammy and Jessica had a vision based on what GCPS needed, but also for what they thought would work across all future recruitment pieces.

Parents were also in attendance for the kids’ exciting opportunity. Tammy and Jessica helped answer any of their questions—and they even helped the kids choose what colors to wear, organized how they might stand and helped Woodie “arrange” them for the photos.

The kids were so cute, took directions easily and shared their beautiful smiles—especially after Woodie asked them to take a “7th-inning stretch.”

Woodie was so helpful in getting the kids to laugh and smile by saying silly things to capture their energy in the moment, and it was a pleasure working with him. We can’t wait to show you the final result of all this great collaboration!

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