Mighty 8th Marches to the Birthday Beat
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

The Hangar was recently abuzz with a big birthday celebration for two staff members, Justin and Michael. Justin is in Business Development for Mighty 8th and Michael is our Website Developer.

Not only do these two face each other at their desks daily, but as part of their birthday celebration this musically-talented drumming duo was going to face off in a drumming competition!


Beyond the cool poster photo-shopped with larger-than-life versions of their heads, their desks were decorated in a supposedly “Rock & Roll” theme to get them into the musical mood. Nothing screams “hard-edged, drum-banging rock music” like mylar balloon guitars, some dangling record albums from the ’50s and a couple of streamers.  Despite the decor dud, these determined dudes were definitely ready for the drum-off!


We decided to get these guys on film and put together a little pre-drum-off video. 37 Main, a rock cafe located just a few doors down Main Street, served as the scene for the interviews. This place finally got the competitive rock vibes going!


In his portion of the interviews, Michael was in the zone and moving his hands so fast he looked like a ninja drummer even without the sticks. He was probably trying to psych out Justin before the games even began.


Finally! It was time to put their drumstick skills to the test and get down to some serious drumming action in the basement of The Hangar.


Want a sampling of their musical talents? Check out the Drum-Off video below! Turns out they are both very talented, and rather than declaring a winner of this hard fought battle, we decided that they could both walk away with bragging rights.

Meanwhile, after all that drumming, it was time for…well, …um…”cake.” Let’s just say Publix sent this decorating job down to their JV team.  We requested a cake with two drummers in action, and we got one alien from outer space stirring two bowls of mustard while the other alien angrily chokes a stinky cat. Meanwhile, they are all apparently being electrocuted. Anyway, it was still delicious and offered lots of laughs.


Even after all that cut-throat competition, the birthday boys came together to blow out the candles! This was potentially the corniest moment ever at a Mighty 8th birthday celebration, and with the way we celebrate birthdays, that’s saying something.


Hope you guys had a great birthday! We certainly enjoyed marching to the birthday beat of your drums.

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