Michael’s Salad Buffet Birthday!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Our recent parade of summer birthdays continued with the celebration of Michael’s birthday.  For those that don’t know Michael, he’s our in-house website developer extraordinaire.  Based on the previous sentence, you know he enjoys website development and coding.  What you probably DON’T know is that Michael’s favorite food is salad.  When one of the crew members at Mighty 8th celebrates a birthday, we tend to eat at a place they will enjoy. So, for Michael’s birthday, we headed to the Mecca of Salad Bars: Sweet Tomatoes.

That’s right.  This place is all about salad.  Want meat on that salad? FORGET IT!  But if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll be in herbivore heaven.  Do you like cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and more? Step right up to a bountiful buffet of tasty food that rabbits and baby deer would be thrilled to enjoy!  Let us eat lettuce!

Below is a photo of the emaciated crew chowing down on these righteous plates of roughage, with most of them enjoying visions of cheeseburgers dancing in their heads. But we were here to celebrate all things Michael, even if that meant giving up protein and dietary satisfaction for just one day!

To be fair, there was a soup bar that had chicken noodle soup, beef chili and a few other meat-based soups to tide over some members of our carnivorous crew. And those offerings were pretty darn tasty!

Meanwhile, once we got back to the office, it was time to dive into some healthy smoothies as a post-salad bar snack.

From greek yogurt and strawberries to bananas and sugar substitutes, several members of the Mighty 8th Crew created some crafty calorie-friendly mixes that made for a perfect mid-afternoon snack.

From the entire crew: Happy Healthy Birthday, Michael!

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