Lunch & Learn: QR Codes
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

We recently had a special treat at the Hangar. Our Colad Group representative, Ella, came in for an informative Lunch & Learn about new trends in the world of printing and what they were achieving with QR codes. We were familiar with QR codes, but it was really insightful getting more background knowledge and tips on applying them to the world of marketing.

You have probably seen QR codes before but may not have realized what they are. Meaning “quick response”, QR codes are a step above the traditional bar code because they can store a far greater amount of information, such as a website URL. They have seeped into the realm of marketing, largely due to the huge popularity of smart phones.

For instance, at the last SXSW Conference, QR codes were everywhere. People had badges with their own QR code which served as their business card or company website. Whip out your phone, scan it with a free QR reader and just like that, a person’s contact information is uploaded to your phone.

Having a streamlined user experience is really important to the consumer. Instead of having to write down a URL and then pull up a website, scanning a QR code can do all that for you. The response results are also highly trackable, providing invaluable data. The data stored in one code could really be anything; such as a store coupon or exclusive online content. The QR code below is of our website.

Compared to Japan, QR codes do have more momentum to gain here in the US. More consumer awareness will firmly cement QR codes into routine practice for mobile devices, and as more retailers and entities such as Facebook adopt them, expect to see a lot more black and white pixel-y goodness in the future.

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