Lovin’ Spoons Visits The Hangar
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

On Thursday we welcomed a very special visitor to The Hangar, Diane Kahn, founder of Savannah’s coolest frozen yogurt franchise, Lovin’ Spoons. When Diane decided to launch her 70’s themed yogurt concept, she knew she needed a strong marketing agency to help bring her vision to life. How did she find us? Google! And the rest is history. (plus a lot of hard work!)

It was a pleasure for the whole team to be able to spend time with Diane in person since we’re normally operating with her from 5 hours away.

While our staff has worked on Lovin’ Spoons projects, only a few of us have had the joy of tasting their frozen yogurt! Diane graciously brought a variety of flavors and toppings for everyone to try. From cake batter to red velvet cake and key lime pie to coconut, everyone dove right in to these tasty treats.

To commemorate this visit and the successful launch of her Dyn-O-Mite concept, we ordered up some cool custom Lovin’ Spoons cookies for Diane to take back to Savannah.

In the year that we’ve been working together, we’ve established an amazing brand, an entertaining in-store experience, a social media success story (almost 7k Facebook fans!) and a ton of buzz including franchise requests from all over the country.

Diane, congratulations on the launch of two groovy Lovin’ Spoons stores, and we’re so proud to help you build on this success!

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