Many people talk about “culture” but few know how to define it. While it may be difficult to express in words, often, you can sense the presence of culture or the lack thereof within minutes of walking into a business. Prospective employees are especially observant when they are going in for an interview. Put yourself in their position. Imagine walking into the lobby of a potential employer, looking around and seeing happy people engaged in their work and collaborating – great first impression. Furthermore, what if the workspace itself has a cool vibe to it? Contrast that with an environment where it looks like employees are serving time in prison. They’re more interested in their Facebook status than the day ahead of them. Where would you want to work? The fact is, people are looking for more than a place to earn a paycheck. Recent research shows that culture, engagement, and employee retention are now the top talent challenges facing business leaders. The recession is over, and employees have more options now than they did several years ago.

One of our clients, Primus Builders, recognized the need to showcase their culture to both attract new talent and retain their current staff. It’s not enough to have a “careers” tab on your website or simply provide a list of current openings anymore. That’s only part of the equation. The solution: Mighty 8th created a website for Primus Builders completely dedicated to giving talent a closer look at the opportunities, people, and culture that make up the company. We’re proud of the result – so is Primus.

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