Jumping for Joy on Jonathan’s Birthday!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

At Mighty 8th Media, we like to take the birthdays of our Crew and turn them into something very special. Recently, it was Jonathan’s turn to enjoy the birthday treatment. What sort of adventure did we have in store for the birthday boy?

The sign above Jonathan’s desk provided a clue for the day’s activity.


We surrounded his entire area with photoshopped scenes of Jonathan engaging in extreme sports, from skydiving to acrobatics.


With the adventuresome theme established at the office, we set sail for Sky Zone Sports, the area’s largest indoor trampoline playground. You can literally bounce off the walls (and floor) at Sky Zone Sports, and the team was pumped to get their bounce on.


After a brief safety lesson, it was time to hit the trampolines! Jonathan was one of the first on the floor, and after quickly gaining his bearings he was bouncing all over the place.


Justin showing off some of his vertical skills.


After the innocence of the initial bouncing, it was time to get to the competitive part of the day! One room at Sky Zone Sports is dedicated to dodge ball, and crew members started beaning each other right away.


After the dodge ball game, the crew moved back to the main trampoline room to showcase their individual gymnastic skills. Here Tammy can be seen showcasing her flexibility and extension.


Not to be outdone, Jessica stepped up to show off her cheerleading moves!


Meanwhile, Kevin and Ashley decided that a tandem jump would be their ticket to trampoline stardom.


Once the jumping jamboree concluded, we all dumped our stickers on the giant sticker ball and headed for the exits.


After all that activity, we needed a tasty birthday lunch. We headed to California Dreaming, where Jonathan and the crew shared a plate of their famous spinach nachos appetizer. They were delicious!


Back at the office, we engaged in a birthday activity that focuses around one of Jonathan’s favorite things: M&Ms! Did you know that there are at least 8 different flavors of M&Ms? Well, the team engaged in a blind taste test of every type.


Everyone had to taste one sample of every flavor and fill out their ballots with a guess for each one.


Naturally, Jonathan won the taste test and affirmed his role as the Mighty 8th Media M&M aficionado.


Jonathan, we hope that this birthday celebration was truly an adventure that you’ll never forget!


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