Jonathan’s Extended Birthday Extravaganza!
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Since several people were out of the office this week, we celebrated Jonathan’s birthday last week by engaging in one of the world’s most unique sports, Whirlyball! (check out that blog posting here.)

So, to commemorate Jonathan’s actual birthday on Friday we thought we’d have a nice casual lunch at a local hangout followed by a tasty cake at the office.  Sounds simple, right?  AND THEN THE CAKE ARRIVED.

See, Eric has this special connection at the Publix cake department.  They have previously delivered some pretty amazing cakes.  This time? Total Cake Fail.

Jonathan loves roller coasters and has traveled across this great land to check out the best of them, so Eric thought it would be cool to get a roller coaster cake.  He provided this visual representation of a roller coaster cake to his Publix peeps for their reference:

Aaaaand this is the absolute gem of a cake that walked through our door:

That doesn’t look like a roller coaster!  That looks like a wagon of sadness with deflated tires riding on wonky train tracks leading to a place called Sadville that was airbrushed by two-year-olds.  Meanwhile, what’s with that ring of buttercream parsley around the bottom? Is that supposed to fancy it up?

And what poor animal sacrificed its tongue just so it could poorly represent a roller coaster car?  And when is the last time you rode a roller coaster with just one car?!  Much like the unfortunate animal that gave its tongue for this cake, our team was rendered absolutely speechless by this monstrosity of a confectionary creation. Somebody needs to get the Publix Cake Crew to Six Flags immediately for some roller coaster reconnaissance!

After getting a good laugh out of that dessert disaster, a group of us headed to Lake Lanier’s sweetest sushi shop, Little Tokyo.  You can never go wrong with anything from their tasty menu, and fortunately they never attempt to make anything look like a roller coaster!

Little Tokyo has a very loyal following from its customers, and many of them create messages that adorn the walls of this tiny Asian bistro. This one below was designed by Eric and gets a featured spot on one of their walls.

Once we were back at the office it was time to put this ridiculous roller coaster cake out of its misery.  Just like driving a wooden stake through the heart of a vampire, the only way to finish off a wannabe roller coaster cake is with a butcher knife right through the tongue car! Die cake, die!

Despite this necessary and totally justified cake homicide, it has been a really fun opportunity over the past week to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

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