Jonathan’s Grand Birthday Bash
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Mighty 8th is not shy when it comes to celebrating birthdays, and today we celebrated Jonathan’s birthday with a trip to Malibu Grand Prix!

Here’s a great before shot of most of the group before we engaged in a mix of indoor/outdoor games and activities.  Take a mental picture of this shot for later comparison purposes.

Everyone put on their special pink paper bracelets to qualify for the various attractions throughout the establishment.

One of the first attractions the group migrated towards was the go karts.  Here the staff can be seen waiting in line semi-patiently for this popular attraction.

Every standard photo request must also be accompanied by the request for a “wacky one!”

While the staff waited, Kevin opted to take a stab at the batting cages.  Speaking of stabbing, Kevin totally appears to be threatening me with the bat in this photo, mass murderer style.

The peanut gallery cheered Kevin on, and Christin even threw Kevin a few signals like a third base coach would.  Scratching her left cheek was his signal to STOP STRIKING OUT.

The birthday boy decided to get in on the batting cage action.  Too bad he forgot to bring an important piece of the puzzle: THE BAT.

Now it was go kart time!  The Malibu Grand Prix staff decided that Tammy needed a “booster seat” version of a go kart since she measures in at a whopping 50-something inches in height.  They built up enough pillows so that she could reach the pedals and see over the hood.

The rest of the staff got ready for the big race!

And then they were off!  Christin clearly had her game face on!

Bradley and Kevin jockeyed for position throughout the race.

No matter what, Bev kept her cool!

Eventually Christin passed the birthday boy, and was very proud of it!

This sure is a competitive bunch!

After go karts, it was time for some mini golf action.  Tammy and Bev don’t seem to be taking it too seriously.  In fact, Bev didn’t even put her purse down!

Meanwhile, Christin gets the award for most coordinated mini golf outfit and accessories.  Shirt, watch, putter, and ball all showed up in lime green!

WAIT!  Her iPhone case is lime green too…

And then it was time for real Indy Racing!  Check out Jonathan in his mini-Indy race car!

Ben took it easy.  Real easy.  Like…three miles an hour easy.

Meanwhile, Kevin wore the obligatory safety goggles because he didn’t have his own sunglasses.  After his race he pruned the hedges around the track and did some weed whacking.

Then Kevin and Bradley did the duo car, and Kevin got some great in-car footage while Bradley laid down some rubber!

These two had some serious fun. They also looked like some serious dorks with those matching helmets.  (insert the CHIPS theme here…)

Remember that fresh photo of everyone when we arrived?  Well, after the Indy races, the group was pooped. Everyone except Jonathan.

Afterwards, we headed to Chick-Fil-A for some vittles, and Jonathan took up the manager’s offer for some fresh ground pepper on his chicken salad.  Mexican restaurants have a big sombrero for birthday folks.  Chick-Fil-A has a pepper mill bigger than the birthday folks themselves.

Meanwhile, Bradley splurged with five different types of sauces for his nuggets.  FIVE.  With that much sauce, does it even taste like chicken anymore?

Once we were back at the office, the celebration continued with M&M themed gifts.  (Jonathan loves M&M’s of all sorts)

We even had a custom M&M cake that had a goatee to match Jonathan’s.

Happy Birthday Jonathan!  Hope the Grand Prix theme helped your birthday be even more grand!

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