It’s Time for your Brand’s Health Check-up
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

We recently came across this simple, yet powerful, article from Michel Hogan, an independent brand analyst who has identified that “Building a brand is work for the whole organization, not one area.”

At Mighty 8th Media, we completely agree that every portion of a company plays a role in the strength and health of that company’s brand. Marketing can tell a story, but it’s up to each employee of a business to help make sure the story actually has a happy ending.


When service reps from our clients such as Allgood Pest Solutions or Holtkamp Heating & Air interact with customers in their homes, they know they have an opportunity to help create raving fans that provide word of mouth advertising about their good experiences. And that can only happen after the call center successfully fields the initial requests from the customer, gets an appointment booked and begins the brand interaction in a positive way. Finally, the back office team must handle invoicing in a manner that falls in line with the way the company does business. All these cogs work together to create a full, positive brand experience that mirrors the promises that were made in the marketing that got the company noticed to begin with.

From the mail room to the CEO’s office and everywhere in between, there are always opportunities to make your company’s brand shine.

Here is Michel’s 20-point Health Check on Building your Brand:

1. Have something you care about.

2. Make it visible in the way you do things so others can care about it to.

3. Find people to hire who share that purpose.

4. Figure out your values mix and hire people who also share them.

5. Hire and fire people in ways that support and reinforce what you care about and your values.

6. Build what you care about into every nook and cranny of what you sell and how you sell it.

7. Sell products and services that people will want to buy from you (sounds obvious but really think about this one, especially the ‘from you’ part).

8. Finish off the sales process. It isn’t done until what you are selling – product or service, is shipped, delivered, billed, paid for and followed up.

9. Think about and design your whole selling process, not just the thing you’re selling, so it all aligns. In person, online, a shop, a market stall, mail order…

10. Make sure your terms and conditions aren’t just picked up from a template.

See the final 10 points…

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