How Drone Cameras are Elevating Video Production
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Today we are seeing a new technology take to the skies that is changing the way we view video. Drones or aerial cameras are making headlines for very good reason. These drone cameras have the ability to provide perspectives and angles that otherwise would have been very expensive and difficult to achieve. Perhaps you heard about the drone footage within a fireworks display? You know, the one with over 7 million views on Youtube!

We recently purchased the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, a drone that can capture HD quality video and is equipped with a gimbal, or pivoted camera support, for very smooth video shots. The easiest way to describe it is the video footage looks like it is sliding across ice, smooth and clean. The gimbal keeps the camera steady, no matter what kind of turbulence the drone might be experiencing.

Check out some sweet drone clips we recently captured that show Buford in a way you’ve never seen before:

The Phantom also uses your iPhone as a Live HUD (Heads Up Display), allowing you to pilot the drone while it is out of sight. This Live HUD lets you see the actual shots and angles you are capturing, which further adds to the artistic options for the cinematographer. Now we are able to storyboard our shots and take to the air to achieve perspectives and angles not attempted in previous work.

Each flight we learn new tricks, get a better understanding of the camera dynamics and add ideas to our arsenal for future projects and video shots. We are very excited about this technology and look forward to using it effectively in our work.

Have questions or a project you see fit for the Mighty 8th Aerial Camera? Drop us a line!

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