Houston, the Stroller has Landed.
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

As many of you know, Bradley and his wife Kelly are expecting their THIRD son in just a couple of weeks.  Today we surprised them with an indispensable tool for a growing family just like theirs: the triple stroller.

What better way to cart three young’uns around than with a Joovy Big Caboose?  This thing is the Greyhound Bus of strollers.  With what seems like a fifteen foot wheelbase, they could probably stick 6 kids in this boat of a stroller.

Kelly helped Graham, their eldest son, understand where the big boys get to sit or even stand.

Meanwhile, he was more interested in playing with all the toy airplanes around the office.  The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with this one.

Miles, the soon-to-be “Jan Brady” middle child of the Sherwood clan, was very happy to push this behemoth of a stroller all over the office.  We were extremely impressed with this feat of strength, especially when he picked it up over his head and roared “MARSHA, MARSHA, MARSHA!”

After the unveiling of MEGA STROLLER 3000, we strolled down Main Street for lunch at our very favorite restaurant, Aqua Terra Bistro.

If you haven’t tasted the sublime offerings at Buford’s most famous eatery, then it’s time you stopped by and enjoyed an amazing lunch or dinner.  A long-time client of Mighty 8th Media, Aqua Terra Bistro has several signature dishes on their extensive menus, including the Panko Crusted Tomato. We just launched their new website, which you should check out immediately.

Today’s celebration was a joyous occasion to provide a warm welcome for the newest member of the Sherwood family, and also to spend quality time with each other.  Part of enjoying what we do every day is enjoying the company we keep, and today was another good reminder of how lucky we are to have a strong team with a great bond.

Congratulations to the Sherwood family!

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