Five Tools You Should Budget for in 2013
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Both business needs and technology can change on a daily basis, let alone annually. So, while there are many aspects of your 2013 marketing plan you can prepare for ahead of time, there are a few you might not have yet considered.

At Mighty 8th Media, we’ve identified five key tools you should definitely consider in next year’s marketing budget:

1. A mobile site. You may not think this is critical to your business now, but when you consider that there are currently more than 3.05 million smart phones worldwide, with mobile internet expected to overtake desktop usage by 2014*, not investing in mobile now could mean lost sales later. Even if you already get lots of business from your current website, think of how much more business you might receive from local searches conducted on smart phones—especially in the coming year or two. Mobile sites are very different from your regular site; they’re all about customers using smaller devices to connect with you. There’s an art to that, so plan accordingly.

2. A blog site. Let’s face it: A static site can get stale quickly, at least from a content standpoint. If content is king, fresh content is emperor. The best way to keep site visitors engaged is to update content regularly—and a WordPress site enables you to accomplish that with relative ease. Here’s an example that we recently developed for the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows.

3. A good strategic marketing plan. Maybe you’ve done one of these before, but like your entire business plan, it’s always a good idea to revisit what worked and what didn’t in the past year. Why coast on what’s already worked versus staying ahead of marketing and consumer trends? Look at what’s happening in your market and in the world—and figure out how to capitalize on it with your products or services.

4. A great company video. Whether or not you’re aware, people who want to know more about your business or its people may have already been seeking you out on YouTube.com. The last thing you want them to do is rely solely on the opinions of others (i.e., your competitors or detractors) to make purchasing decisions. Create an interesting and engaging video that provides the overview of what you do and why it’s special. Show and tell people why they should do business with you.  Check out the Mighty 8th Media video here!

5. A more social media plan. Invest in the best word of mouth you can receive online via social media tactics. Don’t just post or re-tweet industry news from other thought leaders; engage with your audience by posting photos, videos and other visually appealing media so that they have a good reason to follow you or check back on a more regular basis. Create a calendar with some flexibility built in for more spontaneous moments.

Finally, as you start your 2013 marketing planning, consider giving us a call at 770.271.3001. We’re always happy to offer the best guidance possible to help your business grow!

Source: Smart Insights


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