Facebook Advertising 101: 3 Ways to Boost Posts
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In the good old days of television, you could run a commercial on the three major networks, the only channels that existed,  and you were guaranteed to get exposure to millions of potential customers from coast to coast. And in the good old days of social media, when you crafted a clever post and published it on Facebook, the vast majority of your fans received your content in their news feed. Well, times have certainly changed.

The reality of social media exposure in 2015 is simple: you gotta pay to play. Even Facebook admits that your posts are only going to organically reach a paltry 16% or less of your followers. Many customers claim to reach much smaller numbers. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting customers to like your page, and fortunately we have three easy ways to reach those customers and grow your fan base.

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Every time you post a status update on Facebook, you have three options to advertise or “boost” your content to those who follow your page and, more importantly, those who could potentially follow your page. Here’s the scoop on these three boosting opportunities.

People Who Like Your Page

The driest timber for your Facebook bonfire is the audience who already knows and loves your brand. They’ve liked your page, they want your updates and they crave your content! Once you’ve decided to “boost” a post, you can reach this crowd by selecting the first option presented.

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You choose how much you want to spend for how many days, and Facebook instantly tells you how many followers you’ll reach.

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People Who Like Your Page and Their Friends

Your second option covers the first category of people who are already fans of your page, and it adds a second interesting layer: their friends. Chances are that the friends of your fans live in the same geographic area and share many of the same interests.

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This is an ideal opportunity to tap into a group that is likely to be rich with potential customers for the products or services you offer. By spending even just a few bucks you can experiment with growing your audience, and you’re likely to see good results.

People You Choose Through Targeting

This options gives you the most “hands-on” control over choosing your audience reach.

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You have complete control over everything from age to gender, geography, job titles and interests.

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You can even name and save that audience for convenient future boosts. By hyper-targeting your content to the right recipients, you can maximize the relevance of your message and see instant benefits on your page.

Before long, you’ll be frequently boosting your posts to these audiences and getting the social media engagement you need to boost your own business!

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