Eric’s Birthday: A Toy Story
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

How do you create a birthday surprise for a guy who’s really just a kid at heart? That was the question for Eric Rader’s recent birthday at Mighty 8th. Still, anyone who knows our “gentle giant” (and Director of Development) knows that he is both gadget- and toy-obsessed. So, pulling together a “ToysREric” theme—featuring  posters featuring all-time favorite toys like the Etch-a-Sketch®, Play-Doh® and Rockem Sockem Robots®—seemed a natural way to celebrate the hangar’s favorite big kid!

Of course, no kid’s birthday is complete without a treasure chest full of cool gizmos and fun toys, and Eric’s desk was no exception. We covered it with an assortment of exciting toys such as a Darth Vader Potato Head®, A Transformers® lunch box, a pair of brightly colored ninjas and a bucket!

For lunch, we headed out to Vinny’s, a local Italian favorite, where we heard all about Eric’s real birthday trip to Disney World during his vacation the week before. Then we enjoyed Eric’s Transformer-themed cake, which thankfully didn’t turn into anything else! A great time was had by all.

Happy Birthday, Eric!  It was toy-tally awesome!

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