Embracing Your Team’s Extracurricular Talents
Posted by: Ron Dawson

As our creative director Bradley so poignantly mentions in our company video featured on our home page, some of the work we do at Mighty 8th that’s just as important as the work we do for our clients is what we do to re-energize and stay sharp creatively.

Our web guy Michael “drums off” against our biz dev guy Justin.

To that end we not only encourage our crew to participate in outside extracurricular activities, but we often incorporate those activities right here at work. Whether it’s a crazy push-up contest to recognize the workout regimens adopted by some of the team, or in this case, a drum off.

Three Reasons to Encourage Outside Activities

This idea of encouraging your employees to pursue extracurricular activities is not new. In fact, companies like 3M and Google have made it major aspects of their work policy. Did you know that some Google products you use today, like Gmail, came out of extracurricular projects their engineers were allowed to pursue?)

There are three distinct benefits to encouraging, embracing and imbuing employee extracurricular activities into the workspace.

  • Greater Retention: when employees are allowed to share their talents or extracurricular activities with fellow employees, it instills a sense of pride and joy. It also improves employee morale and boosts mutual respect. All of this creates a work environment that generates a happy workforce. A happy workforce leads to greater retention and lower turnover
  • Superior Work Quality: whether it’s CrossFit or P90x, lots of people are looking into getting into shape by exercising or eating better. Some of these programs become significant aspects of people’s lives. Healthy employees lead to fewer sick times, greater productivity and superior work quality.
  • Innovation: as both 3M and Google discovered, when employees are encouraged to embrace their extracurricular talents, it can lead to innovation within the company as well.

What is your company doing to really embrace your staff’s talents or encourage outside activities? The answer to that question could lead to better sales, better productivity, and a better atmosphere.

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