Creating Effective Marketing Videos
Posted by: Mighty 8th Media

Marketing videos are becoming much more prevalent as companies realize how powerfully they can portray their message. But it’s not just about having a company video, it’s about having the right video.

Consider the goal of your company video. Are you trying to educate? Persuade? Motivate? The best way to achieve your goal and effectively capture what your company is all about is to work with a video production team that has proven capabilities as powerful story-tellers.

Below are two examples of unique company videos that we recently created on behalf of two clients with great stories to tell.

Service Company Video: Holtkamp HVAC

Holtkamp HVAC is a local heating & air company defined by the passion, knowledge and friendliness of the owner, Matthew Holtkamp. We worked closely with the company to make sure that Matthew’s warm personality and genuine interest in providing comfort to his customers came through loud and clear.

By featuring this Mighty 8th Media-produced video prominently on their home page, Kudzu and Angie’s List, viewers now have much more than text or images to help them decide to pick up the phone and make the service call. They get to hear from Matthew directly and see what a happy customer thinks in this brief, upbeat company video.

Recruiting Video: is a network gear superstore like no other. In addition to having every piece of technology you could ever need, they also have a very fun personality that embraces the notion of being “awesome” in everything they do. Our creative process found a way to strike a balance between their top-notch professional services and the zany personality that is getting them noticed in their industry.

In addition to giving customers insights into what makes their company tick, this video has been an incredibly effective recruiting tool as this growing company looks to add the right kind of “awesome” employees to their team.

Yes, you need a marketing video. And yes, Mighty 8th Media is the company you can trust to deliver the right company video.  After all, an effective video goes beyond good production values, and instead must capture the true essence of a company and their brand in a way that tells a compelling story and delivers the desired result.

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