Client Brand/Website Launch: Frozen Pints
Posted by: Gordon McMahan

Frozen Pints is the brainchild of ice cream lover and beer enthusiast, Ari Fleischer. Frozen Pints uses the finest crafted beers and freshest local ingredients to bring you ice cream flavor combinations you’ve never experienced before. The product just launched in the past couple of weeks, and you might the Frozen Pints truck around Atlanta scooping the delicious creations at beer festivals and other outdoor gatherings. We helped Ari bring his idea to life through a brand that captures the fun, tasty nature of his product.

When you see the Frozen Pints brand emblazoned on the eye-catching portable sign we designed and produced, you’ll notice that it reflects a classic pub and soda shop vibe. In helping to get this dream off the ground, we also designed creative serving cups, promotional cards, and a fully content-managed website.

Mighty 8th Launches Frozen Pints website

To help celebrate the rollout of Frozen Pints, we delivered a custom bouquet of tasty cookies to Ari emblazoned with his brand and a couple of pints.

Cheers to Frozen Pints on the launch of this amazingly tasty creation!

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